Other Awesome Sites

Looking for more awesome reads? Check out some of my favorite great blogs & sites to see what else is out there.

Lifestyle Blogs: 

A Beautiful Mess- This blog was the first one that I've been reading daily for over a year. Elsie & Emma & crew have some great stuff going on over there.

Pixie in Pumps- Jenni is one of the few bloggers I know personally, as we went to high school together. She's a rad lady who's got awesome style & I love getting inspired by her outfits. 

Little Chief Honeybee- I randomly found Kaelah's blog a few months back and enjoy seeing her adorable dresses & Nashville lifestyle. 

Chattavore- Mary's a fellow teacher & seems like a pretty cool lady, not to mention she digs some awesome food & reviews a ton of Chattanooga restaurants.

Disney Blogs:

The Dis- The best unofficial Disney site around. I trust it for all my Disney news & I adore the weekly podcasts.
Kenny the Pirate- Ok, this one's a Disney link...Kenny tells you all the spots to meet characters in the Disney parks. If you're into the character game at the parks, check out the website before you head to Florida or any other spot with Walt Disney's dreams.

Other sites & things: 

Apartment Therapy- One of my few daily websites; it's my goal to have my apartment or house on this site at some point.