Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bassnectar Live: "I'm not in Kansas Anymore!"

If you haven't heard of Bassnectar, you might be surprised how popular the guy is- in the dance music world, he's a pretty big deal. So much of a big deal that people here in Chattanooga were superstoked to have him in town at Track 29 and selling the show out very quickly.

I had seen some of Bassnectar's set at the Forecastle Festival last year (more about this year's fest soon- I'm so excited for it!) and enjoyed it, so I had an idea of what lie ahead at this show & the fact that I'd like to go. Well, tickets were pricier than I'd prefer to pay & it just so happened there were a few contests put out on the venue's facebook and twitter. I lucked out (and think I was probably one of the few people awake and reading twitter when it was posted) and wont a pair of tickets through a twitter contest and L and I were then able to spend mother's day night with Bassnectar.

Seeing how the crowds were dressed at Forecastle for the show last summer, I figured I'd try and dress the part for the show here. Thusly, face paint was purchased and I was ready to go.

As I said, the show was sold out and it got very crowded. I haven't been feeling crowds lately (or ever) so I had a little bit of a hard time being in the venue before Bassnectar's set started (two djs who weren't that impressive, in my opinion, opened). But, I will give much props to the Bassnectar crew and street team for the activities around the venue. 

They had a mask making table, as you can see my mask being rocked with feathers, handed out diplomas saying that you'd been a part of the experience and folks going all throughout the crowd during the set with water to make sure all the dancing people didn't get too hot or dehydrated. The communal and everyone being welcome feel permeated and I got why people love living that lifestyle.

Happy dancing folks
 I felt much better about the crowd once Bassnectar finally took the stage and started his awesome stage show. I love his set up and was as impressed with it as I was when I first saw it last year. Have to say I quite enjoyed being part of a big crowd just dancing and enjoying the music.

Bassnectar had free earplugs! Best.thing.ever.
Eventually I hit the end of my boundless energy and sat for a little bit before heading out of the venue.

While it was fun, something about being out of the cramped and loud space made me feel so much better.

This is me being Peter Pan. Feathers on the mask inspired me.
Overall, it was a fun night and I'm glad we went & especially glad since the tickets were from a contest. I really do like going to show at Track 29 but sometimes a full house may be a little much if I'm not just totally in a crowd type mood.

Do you have any concert stories you like to share?

"Adventure is out there!"

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