Thursday, May 9, 2013

Outfit recap (and Real Talk): "If we holler loud and make our way, we'd all live one big holiday"

So there’s this pink wall in downtown Chattanooga, on the side of Julie Darling donuts. This is one of my favorite walls in all of the town. I’ve threatened to do a photo shoot there many times over the past few years & the other day, L took the camera from me & made it happen. So, here are the results of that.

The dress is a thrift store find of which I’m very proud. It was right at $4 and is a Loft dress…not too shabby of a deal, I know.

I’m still working on making it look just perfect on me, but I figure it’s time to just deal with what I look like & appreciate what I’ve got going on. I mean, I know not to wear stripes the wrong way & tricks to help with thing looking right & part of my hesitation could simply be due to my self consciousness. I decided upon starting this blog, I wouldn’t be so self conscious about pictures & be happy with what I have to work with.  I’m a member of Weight Watchers & have been working towards losing weight since last September. I lost around 20 pounds but have been teetering on the edge of gaining a little of it back, just a tiny bit at a time. 

Currently, I’m not doing the absolute best I can and I know that- the end of the school year  is a crazy time & I find myself eating out more than I would care to, yet somehow lunches are just so much harder to make this time of year & what I pack never tastes as good as getting take out down the road. Add to that the big project looming over me that is this paper I keep mentioning (I’m slowly chipping away it, for serious) & other general life things, & it’s been hard to be totally on track. I understand that when I go to the scales every week & I know that I need to get re-energized for the program & really fully commit to tracking what I eat & everything again. 

So, that being said, it’s all a work in progress & I’m proud of what I’ve done to get to my current location. I’m (trying to) not be afraid of showing what I look like in person or in photos & sharing that with the world.  I know that I’ll never be a size 4 & as brown as a slice of toast. I’ll more than likely be a size 12 & pale or nice & red if I’ve been in the sun too long.  

I simply want to be at that point, be completely happy with myself & go through life making memories with L and other friends & family who I love & have all kinds of photos to remember the times by. That’s what it’s all about, right?  

So, here are my mementos of the current time- to celebrate successes with & to also help set new goals. 

Outfit Details
Dress- Thrifted (Loft)
Shoes- old & the best shoes ever (aka not sure) (similar)
Shades- Collective Clothing
Necklace- Vintage, from Granny 

"Adventure is out there!"

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