Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some Would Call It a "Hope Chest"....

The current view on my dresser

As I've mentioned before, I'm currently in a transitional stage, trying to move up in my job, finish up my masters & really figure out how to the whole "grown up" thing while living at my parent's house still. 

Well, it's hitting crunch time on much of those things & I started my "hope chest" the other day of things to move into my apartment when that time comes (hopefully in January!).

Looks like something Joan might have on "Mad Men", I thought

I fell in love with this jewelry box and its mid-century modern feel the other day when shopping with my credit from some trade at Collective Clothing. After taking the little display by the register apart, Nikki found a price on the little beauty & I couldn't say no, plus I had plenty of credit, so I figured why not?

I thought about where I'd put it in my currently overrun bedroom and decided that I'd just call it part of my hope chest & have it be a little something to inspire me to save money and do things to help in the moving out process.  So now, it's sitting nice & pretty on a record play speaker, reminding me that I'm on my way & to keep making good financial choices & keep working hard.

I've also gotten into starting a milk glass collection, as is shown at the very top of this post. While at the antique mall a month or so ago with L, I decided that I wanted to start a collection that was something more adult & a little more fancy than a classic Disney collection, so milk glass was in.  The pieces aren't that difficult to find & are relatively cheap (I spent less than $10 on each piece so far).  On top of that, they just look nice & go with most things. Plus they remind me of my Granny's house & all of her collections; I'm sure she's got some milk glass in the mix at her house somewhere. I figure I'll nab a piece when I go to the antique mall or if I happen to see it out for cheap & see how the collection grows from there.

Add to that blue & grey chevron print shower curtain I purchased for $10 or so on Urban Outfitter's site during a massive sale a year or two ago & the hope chest is in full swing. (When the package from UO got here, my mother said "oh, well, why don't you just save that shower curtain for your apartment one day"...aka 'eh, not so much here". But hey, it got me started, right?)

So, that's the start of my hope chest, along with a few other coffee cups & vintage finds I've made the year or two.  Once I get through this transition,  I'm sure the stocking up on things on clearance & putting them away for later use will really get started- & I can't wait!

The details: 
 Large milk glass vase from the awesome Katie's Vintage Love, other 2 milk glass pieces from the antique malls in East Ridge (the one linked may be where I got it..there's 3 or 4 others in one area & I don't recall), vintage Bambi plush, Mid-Century Modern jewelry box from Collective Clothing, chevron print shower curtain from Urban Outfitters

"Adventure is out there!"


  1. Oh, you're bringing back such fond memories! I remember doing this before I moved to California to finish my Bachelor's degree. It was so much fun. I mostly collected linens, though. I wish I'd collected pretty things like these! And kitchenware. That's an area I neglected, and when I got to Cali, I couldn't prepare any real food. Oops! Oh well, live and learn.

    Good luck and enjoy the journey!
    <3 jen @ librarian tells all

    1. Good call on the kitchenware! I've got some mismatched starter stuff from college dorm days so far and I can't wait to start buying pots and pans every so often & then come home & have no where to put them! =)