Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Outfit Recap: Great Peacock's stage gear

It's been a while since I've been feeling like posting an outfit recap of an ensemble I've put together myself, mainly due to the crazy allergies that have been plaguing me lately, but when I saw the guys in Great Peacock play a show here in Chattanooga, I knew they would more than make up for my lack of stylish posts. Don't believe me? Take a look at these guys....

You may be able to slightly notice what drew me to these guys & their style- they're bedazzled! Alright, to be fair, it wasn't the fashion that first got me- I'd heard their EP via Spotify & had liked what I heard pretty well and upon hearing they were playing Chattanooga at the Spark festival deal, making it a free, outdoor show, I knew I had to go support the folks at This Is American Music & check out these guys live and in person.

Well, I am so glad that I drug out my picnic blanket & water & some snacks & found a spot right up in front of the stage. They've got a sound that reminded me immediately of Dawes and old country mixed together with that great 'we're from the south and proud of it but by no means red neck' sound. I tend to love that sound. 

After their awesome set, I moseyed up to the guys and asked them if I could get some quick shots of their stage gear for the blog and I was happily greeted by one of the co-singers (yep, that's what I'm calling him), Blount, who immediately was excited someone wanted to know about his poncho and the peacock appliques all over the band's clothing.

He explained that he and Andrew (the other co-singer) had been in bands together in the past and GP is what the current band looks like. He told me that besides the two of them with the three guys backing them up, they sometimes have more folks on stage with them or sometimes just do the two man thing. Personally, I loved the full band but there was something just more intense about just guitars and vocals and I can't get over how much I dig Andrew & Blount's voices together.  

(This may be one of the best photos I've ever taken)

Shades: check. Hair: check. Denim: check. They're ready to go.

Alright, back to the fashion- Blount broke it down for me- basic Levi's shirts and jeans, like you'd get at any mall, he explained.

The guys also told me each peacock had a name, but all I can remember are these I shot up close were Holland & Oates. You can imagine why I remember that one....

It wasn't mentioned that copious amounts of chest & facial hair were needed to be a member of the band in one of these shirts, but one can imagine.

Front man (or co-singer, as I've now coined him) rocks what Blount called a 'fake Nudie suit', which turns out is simply a thrifted suit jacket & now lost vest (dude was quite upset over that one...if you find it in Atlanta, let these guys know- there was real sorrow over losing that vest), with the addition of the beaded peacocks, as can be found on the other gents' outfits as well.

I found out the source for these magical peacock beadings is actually a website that puts them together and (I assume) you iron them on/sew them on from there. Regardless, they all do look pretty cool .

Andrew, with bird

Andrew, sans vest

Blount & the front of bird awesomeness

The back of total bird awesomeness

When it came to Blount's poncho, the first thing I asked was "is it inspired by Jim James?"  He says it's something he just wanted to try and it stuck- and it works. I'm sure that most folks who see them without knowing anything about GP before they play probably wonder about that poncho and the birds. It fits the sound and the live show as well.

And if there's anything you guys need to know about Great Peacock is they have a great sound on record, but the real total package is seeing them live. The live show brings some more energy than the ep and they just sound awesome. Plus, they do a great cover of "Dead Flowers" by the Stones.

And in case you were wondering the reason I've rambled on so much about these rad fellas is based on just a few simple facts: 

A) they have such great tunes (as you have probably picked up on)

B) They are super nice fellas. Blount & I chatted for atleast half an hour & the guys were so willing to pose & give me their best catalog model looks on a whim- & I so appreciate that. I know I had a great time hanging out with them & I hope they enjoyed it as well. Not sure how many fashion run downs they've had done on them lately...hopefully a lot will be done soon though!
Links to Know: 

Great Peacock's website

Listen to their EP!

[you can also listen on Spotify!]

Support the label, This Is American Music & all the rad folks they are friends with & want everyone else to know about (seriously, those guys know good tunes when they hear 'em! They also sell really cute tote bags screen printed by my buddies at Grand Palace...& this blog just happens to take donations of tote bags printed by GP..ahem..just saying...)

"Adventure is out there!" (so go listen to so GP!)

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