Monday, April 1, 2013

A Local Visit: Collective Clothing Two

I've been wanting to post about some of my favorite local spots around Chattanooga to shop, eat and just be- I love telling people about the awesome places to go to support folks I know all over town, so I'm excited to get started on these posts, but this one is even sweeter- today's visit was on the soft opening day of Collective Clothing Two. 

I've been a shopper of the original store in St. Elmo for a few years now & have turned on quite a few friends who live in town & else where to the shop. I even have a tendency to take some of my clothes & accessories in for trade credit in the store & have had nothing but great experiences. Even if I can't always find something clothing wise that I can't live without, I can usually find a nick-knack (say, a  ceramic cat...I've got one of them there before...), accessory, vinyl records, pair of shoes or sunglasses to take home or atleast really want to take with me. 

I love how they used a door for the side of their desk- such a great DIY.
Boots, heels & Chucks- Oh my!

And my fave- nick knacks!

Have I also mentioned how sweet the owners are? Sondra and Travis always have a smile for anyone who comes in their store, they always remember their shoppers & I always get a Sondra hug when I see her at the store or around town. These guys are super great when it comes to being fair with their trade totals for what you bring in, they price things really well and are more than willing to help you find something you are looking for and may even suggest a spot that would have it in stock if they don't- if you ask me, those are the things that make excellent business owners.  And as you can tell from the picture, they make up a completely adorable family. 

CC2 owners Sondra & Travis Aten, with their fashionable little bit

So head down to 133 Fraizer Avenue in Downtown Chattanooga to check out Collective Clothing Two, right across from Coolidge Park and the Walnut Street Bridge. If you love vintage or fashionable & quirky things that no one else will be wearing when you are out, come visit Sondra, Travis and all their awesome crew at CC2 (or the original CC at the foot of the incline in St. Elmo). These folks make Chattanooga a better place to be & know how to make even strangers feel like friends when they walk into their stores. 

Both locations are operating 11:30am- 7:30pm, Monday - Sunday. You can find out more info over at their facebook page as well.

Also, this Friday, April 5, 2013, there will be a shindig celebrating the opening of the store, from (approximately, according to Sondra) 5pm - ?. It might be crowded but an opening party definitely worth attending to see what great things are happening in Chattanooga that you may not have been aware of before.

And why not a few more pictures? 


"Adventure is out there!"

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