Sunday, March 31, 2013

Outfit Recap: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off to Work We Go

Happy Easter! Even though folks have the tradition of a new Easter dress, it was a running late for church morning and I didn't think to get a new dress (don't really need one honestly), so I went for this dress that I haven't worn a whole bunch of times & that I adore. 

 I tend to call this dress my "Grown Up Minnie Mouse" dress and it just happens to be my favorite souvenir from our Disney World trip in January. I wore it a few times while we were in Florida after finding it at an awesome store at Downtown Disney, Tren-D. I loved the store so much I made it my go-to for a not-so run of the mill Mickey shirt before leaving, too.

The dress was a great price at $50, which honestly surprised me. The shirt I got wa a little pricey at $35, but it's so super comfy and I've worn it so much, it was worth the money. So if you're at Downtown Disney and are looking for something a little different than an everyday t shirt, check out that store (yes, this is a plug. And I'm already saving for my next trip to the store too).  [You can see that shirt on an earlier post if you're curious]

[Promise I'll get some color on these babies soon]


So there it is- this year's "Easter Dress"- nothing brand new or too fancy, but considering "Faux Easter" was last weekend & there's plenty of other things I need to accomplish today (like cleaning & thesis writing), so this Minnie dress feeling good on & making other people smile, that's plenty for me on a busy Sunday!

Outfit Details
Dress: Disney, Tren-D
Tank: American Eagle
Sweater: Target, Mom hand-me-down
Shoes: JCP, Call It Spring (Aldo's JCP line)
Mickey Watch: Gift from Grandparents, many moons ago
Pearls: Gift from Grandparents
Bow Necklace: By Boe, Gift from L 

PS: Thank you SO much for the comments I've gotten so far on this new blog! It makes me so happy to know that you guys are reading it & have sweet things to say! 


"Adventure is out there!"

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