Thursday, March 28, 2013

Outfit Recap: I'm Amazed at Your Warm Devotion

 So, it's Spring Break. And it's snowing. During Spring Break. In Tennessee.And I don't like the cold so I threw on a springy dress and added a really warm sweater and knee high socks. I also made it a point to not go outside too much during the day too.

The tote bag is from  a My Morning Jacket show last fall that L took me down to Atlanta to see. It was my 5th time seeing my favoritest favorite band & since the bag was on sale for $5, I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't pick one up, so I now have a bag that has the words "Evil Urges" on it, as one of their records was named.

  As far as the knee socks, they've been my go-to this past winter. For some reason, the past few months have put me in an anti-tight mood, so the socks are in. I've got a few pair and these are my 'fun' ones I don't frequent as much, but why not for a casual day.

And I have to post this because, oh man, it was delicious! L made this sweet potato hash that he saw on "The Chew" recently and I do have to say it's one of the best things I've had in a while. Check out the recipe and if you haven't seen the show, check it out for yourself through their website- it's a great show for anyone who enjoys food and cooking!

Outfit Details
Dress- Forever 21 (a few years back)
T Shirt- Urban Outfitters (clearance, baby!)
Sweater- Target (Mom hand me down)
Socks- Sugarees (Murfreesboro)
Boots- Aldo
Necklace- Vintage, from Granny
Bag- MMJ Concert


"Adventure is out there!"

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