Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Outfit Recap: From Zero to Hero

  I won't say that jeans and a t-shirt are my non-work days uniform, but I do have a tendency to stick to a dressed up version of the look on the weekends. Part of the reason I want to post outfits on here is honestly so I can get dressed a little nicer sometimes- we'll see if it works. 

For this past Sunday, it was "Faux Easter" at L's parent's house since we wouldn't all be in town at the same time for Easter and it was a casual afternoon with a big meal, egg dying and hunting.


L is a huge comic book and super hero fan, so when I was shopping with his sister and we spotted the shirt at the same time, we both said "I/you have to get that!".  Not surprisingly, the first time that he saw me wearing it, a huge and genuine smile came across his face and I knew it was a worthy investment.  He enjoys the shirt so much that on this Sunday, he put on his Marvel shirt and we matched for church that evening. Yeah, voluntarily matched. =)

Outfit Details: 
Superhero Shirt- Forever 21
Layering tank tops- Forever 21/Alternative Apparel
Jeans- Forever 21
Sweater- Thrifted (Murfreesboro, circa 2009)
Boots- Vintage, Collective Clothing
Watch- Gift from Grandparents (when I was a wee one)
Necklace- College graduation gift

"Adventure is out there!"

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