Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Now Leaving Neverland: Why the title?

[With my love L at Disney this past January]

First of all, I'm a pretty big Disney fan, so a Peter Pan reference isn't too unexpected (have a Disney World vacation question?I could probably answer it or quickly find the answer...it's a semi-useless talent I have). 

 So if I dig the place of never growing up, why am I now leaving? Because it's about time.  I'm swiftly coming upon the start of my 26th year at the end of June and I'm getting towards the end of my masters in special education. I'm also working on being at the point that I can move out of my parent's house and perhaps even get married in a year or two. 

Given all of that, I figure it's time to take life from being in Neverland all the time. Of course, I'll still visit from time to time. So for now, I hope to track and share my journeys, maybe make some new blogger friends & hopefully entertain some folks along the way.


"Adventure is out there!"

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