Monday, April 29, 2013

A Local Visit: King of Pops Chattanooga

During my visit to the Spark festival celebration thingy (I'm truthfully not sure what exactly what it was supposed to be addressed as...), I made a new friend. My new friend's name is Hudson and he's the King of Pops guy for here in Chattanooga.  All I knew as I was walking towards his cart was that A) he sold popsicles, B) he was a legit Chattanooga guy this time around [I'd seen him out a week or two before but in an Atlanta shirt...all will be explained in a second though...] and C) the colorful umbrella he was standing under was calling my name. So I ventured over & scoped out the set up.

I was honestly just planning on taking a picture of the set up King of Pops has going on &, well, he got me with avocado.  He offered to let me take a photo of a pop and showed me the avocado, lime & coconut one, due to the nice color, he said. I told him he must have known I have an obsession with avocado anything. He denied extreme psychic powers and I broke down & had to buy that avocado, lime & coconut treat- you guys wanted to know what it tasted like, right? Exactly- all in the name of blogging!

It looked even prettier than I managed to photograph it...

Well, let me tell you- it was great. It was so great I was downtown this afternoon and was upset when I was unable to hunt him down on the North Shore- how about a twitter account? [There is one!] It looks as if Hudson and his pops are going to be spending quite a bit of time around Center Park (with the rest of the foodtrucks & such...don't worry, I'll be covering all of that very soon!) and the Chattanooga Market on Sundays, as well as spots listed on the facebook or their website, too.

The fact their sticks were personalized was so charming.
So what did the Atlanta reference mean earlier? The company is run out of Atlanta & sold a zillion (or a lot...not to exaggerate) of pops around ATL and then spread out to more cities and now we are lucky enough to have a cart here in Chattanooga! I sincerely hope all of you in town (and ATL, Charleston and the other cities they have carts in- check their site!) get to try out this yummy pop and go back again and again and make good friends with Hudson, I know he will be seeing me and L and any other friend I may happen to be with many many times this summer.

PS These pops are really healthy! Check out the videos on the website for more information on the process to check it out for yourself.

"Adventure is out there!" (in the form of crazy pop flavors!)

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  1. Love me some King of Pops Chattanooga style with Hudson!! I too am an addicted fan!!! YUMMY!!!! And my 6 yr old daughter is also a huge fan! Her favorite flavor?? Strawberry Rosemary!!!