Monday, April 22, 2013

AmericanaramA, Here I come!

Just wanted to let you guys in on the amazing news I found out yesterday- My Morning Jacket, Wilco and Bob Dylan are touring together this summer!

They're playing in Nashville and Atlanta, along with a whole bunch of other dates and I'm pretty sure it's meant to be that I attend this show: Nashville's show is at the Riverfront Park, the site of my very first MMJ concert way back when (whose poster I purchased 2 or 3 years after the actual show & it now resides over my pretty) and the best part of this gig? It's on my birthday!!!! June 30th brings these three acts to Nashville & this girl can't wait- I can cross off something from my bucket list seeing Dylan live- come on, who truly loves music and doesn't want to do that?  and it's very possible it may turn into a Nashville birthday weekend with some of my friends up there, as well.

My view of MMJ at Vandy, fall 2011

Have I mentioned that My Morning Jacket is my favoritest of favorite bands & this will be my 6th time seeing them? And that Jim James is playing solo at Forecastle just about 2 weeks after the Nash show?  No, I'm not excited at all. heh.

L says he's going to get our tickets this week (they go on sale Wednesday, April 24th for the presale) and I've heard they're around $80 a pop, which is a super great deal when you consider the caliber of acts that are playing together on a stage- and once again, it's BOBBY D!  I know, I know, he doesn't sound like he did back in the day anymore, but still- like I already said- bucket list material here.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you in on that awesome tour news, friends- hopefully it makes some of you as excited as it totally did me!  Are you planning to attend any of the shows?

You can find out more info & some awesome snark I adore over at Nashville Cream.

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