Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Date Night: Bowling Marathon

L and I tend to go out for little date nights every so often and are always looking around for fun things to do around town. It's been a little bit tougher to find stuff to do through the winter but I'm thankful to see that it's going to be warming up very very soon. Last Wednesday night, it was my Spring Break from work & we were looking for something to do post church (post church tends to be the time I get to really want to go out & do something), so we decided, after much hemming & hawing, to go bowling.

L's a pretty good bowler
 Bowling is something that goes a ways back with L & I, too. We went on our second date at this bowling alley & it's been something that we've done a few times since. We found out on Wednesday nights at this alley in Hixson, they have unlimited bowling from 9pm-midnight, along with all you can eat pizza (that was actually kinda good) and shoe rental for right at $14. Considering we got 6 games of bowling in that time period and between the both of us put back about half of a pizza, it was a pretty sweet deal and was something fun that we don't get to do all the time.

I meant serious business.
You know those great shoes you wear...

Out of the 6 games, L won 5 of them- one of them I was behind by 4 or 5 points & then one of the games I won! Our running gag is that I want to bowl because I'm going to win, as I don't normally do. And yes, it must be stated that the 5th game is the one that I won, after much practice.

 After the bowling, we played 4 games of skee ball & I won 3/4 games. So, that means that L won bowling and I owned at skee ball.  And of course, we got prizes for our skee ball victory...

And this is how L felt when I insisted that I won skee ball but he couldn't handle that concept...

Tune in next week for another Date Night post & see what other adventures we get can get into!

"Adventure is out there"

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