Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Local Visit: Fork and Pie

The ever-changing chalkboard wall!
Here's a shocker- I like food. In fact, good food, I tend to love it. That being said, I especially love local, really awesome food. That's why for this edition of "A Local Visit", I decided to feature the Chattanooga establishment, Fork and Pie.

This place stays true to its name- they have savory pies and also sweet pies- and they are all pretty good, I have to say (and I've had quite a few of the varieties offered...). Ever since the restaurant opened last summer, I've had many a girls night out, visitors from out of town and an especially high number of Sunday brunches with L at this spot. 

The environment is quite inviting and the servers are quite nice. L and I have started making friends with some of them after having so many brunches there on Sundays (though he claims they're just our waiters & waitresses and not our friends, but I know how friendships work & all... you come around enough & they're eventually your friend!).

This is where my food goes.

As far as the food goes, L and I both adore the quiches offered, particularly the different kinds that are made on Sundays. I always had issues with quiche because of the consistency of the eggs once they are baked, but these folks at F&P have it down to a smooth science.  

Weekly Feature  = Chocolate Chess with Bacon

As far as the sweet pies- my main draw to this place originally- the pecan and chocolate chess just plain rock. I'm predisposed to loving pecan pie, so it's one of my favorites when I'm looking for that comforting feeling- it makes me think of my grandmother & Thanksgivings at her house.  As far as the chocolate goes, this puppy is quite sweet and if you're not in a chocoholic kind of mood, it may be a little much for some people, but I've never met a chocolate chess pie that I didn't like.

I haven't had much of the fruit pies yet- I'm stuck on the ones I've already listed- but the bites here & there I've had of them are also quite good, just depends on what you're in the mood for. And it has to be mentioned that they have had a special pie recently, the chocolate chess with bacon.  We all know that the bacon fad is going on & it's a kinda weird trend at moments, I must say. I haven't quite gotten used to the bacon mixed with chocolate and trying a few bites of the chocolate/bacon pie, it was pretty good trying a few bites of a friend's, but a whole pie, I just don't know if I could do it myself. I suggest trying it nonetheless- and hey, you can say you had a bacon pie then!

I will warn you and say that it can be quite busy at F&P on the weekends, so L and I tend to just grab a seat up at the bar & also save our waiters/waitresses/"friends" from having to walk all over the place to bring us our food.  Also, if you sit there, you'll notice some of the little design aspects that I enjoy about the place, from forks on the wall to these amazing shelves I want in my future house:

Tell the fella in charge, Mike, that I sent ya! 

Check out more about Fork & Pie on their website & Facebook & make sure to check them out at 811 Market Street, Chattanooga. 

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