Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Real Talk: When to get married?

[Admittedly, the next post was supposed to be an outfit recap, but I felt you all get an extra post this week! Hope you don't mind too much..]

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I got to thinking this evening and felt the topic of when to get married was in the front of my mind. So, here I am to put out my thoughts & see if anyone else has any thoughts on the manner.

So let's start from the beginning...L and I are at somewhat different points in our lives. He is working on his undergrad at the moment & I'm working on the tail end of my masters. Thankfully, this is not proving to be a big deal for us. He works really hard, as do I and we just want to do things the way that makes the most sense for us.

We'd been talking, before our year anniversary, and were discussing an engagement for the anniversary, but we decided it was something to push back a little bit more. After more talking & pondering, we once again moved our  plans back to do the whole engaging thing later on this fall. At this point we informed my parents and his of our future plans & they were happy & just encouraged us to take our time & really think things through before we jump into huge responsibilities.  

A cold evening on "our bench" downtown
I am quite thankful they all put out those warnings for us and were able to suggest questions and concepts to look into before we decided to really get into the engagement thing.  As of now, we've decided to wait until I move out of my parent's house (hopefully in January!) to get engaged & to wait until he's done with school to actually get married.
I had gotten really excited about the idea of getting engaged and all of the fun things that go with it and the sweetness that's attached to it, but by slowing it down, taking my mind off of wanting to somewhat control it (okay, fine I gave a few good scenarios I'd be very thrilled to have happen), it'll be better whenever it happens.

One fun thing I'm finding about waiting is that I'm going to be able to step out into the world on my own through my own apartment & all of that fun stuff (I lived in Murfreesboro for a little over 4 years but have lived at home besides that time). If you couldn't tell by my hope chest post, I'm so excited to get my own space & set it up just the way that I like & try my best to make it fodor for a House Tour on Apartment Therapy (seriously, it's a goal in my life- hear that AT photogs?).  While I don't personally subscribe to the concept of co-habitating before getting hitched, it will be nice to be able to spend some time without lots of kids around or not having to spend money to have a romantic dinner at a restaurant too.
Did I mention he can cook awesomely?

So when I said in my intro post that I'd be planning a wedding sometime in the future, that is true, I'm just not sure how far into the future that will be, and that's something that I am A-OK with. 

Do you have any wisdom, warnings or wedding timing thoughts to share? I'd love it to hear what you all have to say!

"Adventure is out there!" (white dress now or later, it doesn't matter)

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